Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Mulla Al-Sultani The president of Al-Zahraa Uinversity – Karbala - Iraq

PhD in Linguistic meaning and Linguistics from University of Baghdad (2005)


Prof. Dr. Ali Jafer Mahdi Director of Scientific Affairs – Al-Zahraa University for Women – Karbala - Iraq

PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Liverpool, UK in (2011)

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Prof. Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Ali Jeddoa Al-Zahraa Uinversity Vice president for scientific affairs – Karbala - Iraq

PhD. in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology from University of Baghdad (2007)

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Prof. Dr. Adel Ali Moallem Professor at Mashhad University of Medical Sciences - Iran

Ph.D in Pharmacology and Toxicology (Dean's Honor List, 1998): Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, McGill University, Montreal, Canad

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Prof. Dr. Saif Jabbar Yassir Professor at University of Kufa - Kufa- Iraq

Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology – Mmedical Virology (2012)

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Prof. Dr. Salman Abbas Abed Al- Rawaf Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Public Health Education and Training

PhD in Community Paediatrics from University of London (1980)

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Prof.Jamal Rasheed Abood Prof. of Dermato-Venereology Al-Mustansirya College of Medicine,Baghdad, Iraq.

Prof. of Dermato-Venereology Al-Mustansirya College of Medicine.(2004)

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Prof. Dr. Hikmet J. Jamil Professor at Wayne State University Department of Family Medicine and Public Health Sciences

Ph.D. in Occupational Health from University of Manchester, UK

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Prof. Dr. Hasan Alwan Hussein Baiee Head of Nursing Department - Hilla University College - Babylon - Iraq

Ph.D. in Community Medicine and public health (2005)

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Prof. Dr. Hazim Talib Thwiny Lecturer at University of Basrah / Al-Zahraa College of Medicine

Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology / College of Medicine / from University of Basrah (2013)

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Assis. Prof. Noor Hatef Naser Hussein Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Al-Zahraa University, Karbala, Iraq

PhD. in pharmaceutical chemistry from University of Baghdad(2015)

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  • +964 07801745808
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Dr. Faten Abed AL-Kadhem Khalaf Aldawmy Lecture at College of Pharmacy- AL-Zahraa University for women – Karbala - Iraq

PhD in Microbiology / Molecular Viruses from University of Basrah, Iraq in (2020)

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Dr. Azmi Mahmood Badran Al-Toob Al-Jubury Lecture at University of Copenhagen - Denmark

Ph.D. Program in Pathology and Infectious Diseases from University of Copenhagen (2022)

  • azmisund.ku.dk
  • +964 7801417088
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Dr. Hassan Hadi Al-kazzaz Dean of the College of Health and Medical Technologies, Al-Zahraa University, Karbala, Iraq

Ph.D. in Family Medicine from the University of Baghdad