Document Type : Research Article


Lecture at College of Health and Medical Technologies, Al-Zahraa University for Women, Karbala, Iraq


Uremic pericardial effusion is one of important complications of renal failure but its causes and pathogenesis remain obscure To find the association of variable electrolytes, albumin level and blood osmolality to degree of pericardial effusion we did a cross sectional study conducted in Al Sadr Medical city in Al Najaf From June2021 to April 2022. 35 Uremic patients 22 males and 13 females and age 18-65 mean (40.2±12.5) on maintenance hemodialysis who had pericardial effusion diagnosed by Echocardiography were put into 3 groups (mild, moderate and large pericardial effusion). We calculate serum osmolality, BUN, blood glucose, serum calcium, serum sodium, serum potassium, and also serum albumin. The study showed inverse correlation between serum calcium and size of pericardial effusion p-value< 0.001, correlation coefficient R 0.557 and there is directly proportional relation between serum osmolality and pericardial effusion p value = 0.003, correlation coefficient R 0.493 while the serum albumin showed no significance relation with degree of pericardial effusion p-value=0.716 correlation coefficient R 0.493.