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1 Al Zahraa University for women

2 Lecturer


A prospective cohort study in cerebral venous sinus thrombosis patients hospitalized in Neurology department, Tishreen University Hospital -Syria from January 2021 to January 2023, aims to evaluate the ophthalmic symptoms in CVST patient .

72 patients were identified,49 females (68.1%) mean age 39.9±11.2 , 23 males (31.9%) mean age 53.2±17.4 years ( p:0.002). The most common complaint led to diagnosis was headache in 34 cases (47.2%) ,hemiparesis and blurred vision in 11 cases (15.3%) for each of them, the ophthalmic complaints were the reason for medical consultation in 19 cases (26.4%). Infection represented the most frequent risk factor (23.6%), followed by hypertension (22.2%), oral contraceptives (16.7%). Ocular symptoms were the initial presentation in 72.2%(52/72), blurred vision represented the most frequent symptom (54.2%). Papilledema was the most frequent manifestation in 57 cases (79.2%). Superior sagittal the most affected sinus (69.4%). Complete recovery was observed in 37 cases (51.4%), ophthalmic complications were present in (34.7%), neurologic complications in (6.9%), mortality rate was (6.9%). Presence of papilledema, orbital pain, increasing the number of affected sinuses, and elevated ICP were associated with poor outcome(p<0.05).

Early ophthalmic symptoms were more frequent than neurologic, so that early recognition and initiation of treatment will improve the outcome.