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1 Lecture

2 Al-Zahraa University for women, Karbala, Iraq.

3 Al-Zahraa University for women, Karbala, Iraq

4 The University of Alameed, Karbala, Iraq


Breast Cancer is Iraq's most that prevalent form of malignancy. The Iraqi Cancer Archive demonstrates an apparent tendency for the disease to affect advanced-stage women younger. the Objective of study, In Waist Province/ Iraq, to I provide an that overviews of the occurrence of female I breast cancer. A retrospective research was performed over the 10 year period from 2010-2019 to classify all new cases of breast cancer from all over Wasit. The Patient Methods: Breast cancer statistical information was collected from the publicly accessible cancer registry/ Wasit province/ Iraq. Results: Between January 2010 and December 2019, 274 female I breast cancer cases were detected and registered in the Wasit governorate. A recent study showed the age group 45-59 years is high affected, the percentage was (38.68%). According to life stylethe highest incidence of female breast cancer was for female who live in the city 204 (74.45%).Conclusions: Obviously, these findings reflect the general population's poor health education and their misunderstanding. Clinical breast examinations, breast self-examinations, and early physician consultations are all beneficial.